I have a good friend from college. Among the many things we have in common, I'd say our love for good food is near the top of the list. Every so often we will pick a different restaurant around Atlanta to go to. We'll sit down, catch up on life and partake in some delicious morsels. Our latest adventure was at a restaurant called Gunshow. Gunshow is run by Kevin Gillespie, M. Blake Morley, Andreas Muller, Joseph Ward. I know what you're asking and the answer is yes, that is the Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef Season 6. 

Our evening began with a lady by the name of Mercedes. She was the bartender for the night and tempted us into partaking in some great sounding libations. My friend got their version of an old fashion and I ordered something equally tasty.

Gunshow is set up differently than most restaurants. In a typical restaurant you order food from a menu and your food is brought to you. At Gunshow chefs and runners bring different dishes from the menu around to each table, describing the aromatic deliciousness atop their tray. At this point the decision has to be made either to take and enjoy the dish or wait for a different dish from the menu to be presented to make it's way to your table. 

Our first dish was composed of prosciutto wrapped greens on a plate of roasted blue cheese, strawberries and fig fruit leather. This dish was a great introduction to our meal. The salty prosciutto was balanced by the sweetness of the strawberries and fig. The blue cheese was smooth and a bit smoky. All the flavors worked quite well with one another.  

Our next dish was Kung Pao Roasted Brussels Sprouts. These brussels sprouts were salty and saucy in a really good way. 

Our next dish is a personal favorite of mine, I order it whenever I see it on a menu at a restaurant. The dish that I am speaking of is coconut steam with pork belly. Gunshow does not disappoint. The pork was sweet, salty and tender. The pickled cabbage contrasted nicely with the pork and the carrots added a nice textural crunch. At this point in the meal we were both riding the wonderful buzz that only amazing food can bring. 

The steam buns was followed a pan seared scallop with chips, sprouts and green garlic chow chow. The white and green piped mounds surrounding the dish were creamy and savory respectively. The scallop was perfectly cooked and when you had a little of each element you could really sense the thought that went into this dish. Both the flavors and textures were perfectly balanced. 

Another dish that I'm a sucker for is a good braised beef short rib. This short rib was served with garden vegetables (carrots, radishes, haricot vert, peas and turnips) green onion and caramelized onions. The beef was so tender...so tender. It instantly gave way beneath the weight of the knife, collapsing in a mound of perfectly cooked savory beef. The vegetables swam in a buttery sauce and brought a brightness to the dish. One thing to note is that the radishes and turnips were cooked in a way that brought out their unique flavor without any of the bitterness. 

When we were presented with Chili Fries (Indian Style) our stomachs were nearing capacity. We wanted one more dish and dessert, but we couldn't resist this dish. The fries were crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside. The vindaloo was so flavorful and very spicy, just the way I like it. The raita cooled the palette and added a bit of welcome tang to the dish. 

My friend was eyeing this dish from the very beginning. This cornmeal coated fried quail with a butter bean succotash was incredible. The breading was extremely crispy and the quail was juicy and tender. It's a shame that quail is such a small bird when it is prepared like that. The succotash derived sweetness from the corn, freshness from the tomato and heavenly flavor from the beans themselves. 

We are eating everything in site with incessantly uttering "mmmmm", "ooohh yeahh", "that's good, that's really good" in between each bite. We finally finish the savory dishes and we are ready for dessert. You have to tell your server that you are ready for dessert. Otherwise they would continue to bring around delicious food, I would keep eating and inevitably explode from eating so much. At this point we are stuffed, but we had already decided that we wanted two desserts and we were not going to turn back.

The first of those desserts was an amalgamation of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, root beer foam and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. Each individual component was utterly and incredibly wonderful. When you tried them all together it was as if light was shining down on your tongue from the dessert heavens. 

Our second dessert was Kevin's Old Fashioned Banana Pudding. Growing up I always ate banana pudding cold and that's the way I prefer it, but this warm banana pudding was all kinds of good. It has all the makings of traditional banana pudding, except it was warm, sweet and so rich you had to lick the spoon twice before going in for another bite. We left unbelievably full and unbelievably satisfied.